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PANGU JAILBREAK iOS 8, Though iOS 8 has been released only few weeks back, there is already high hopes on the release of a jailbreak utility for iOS 8 very soon. The jailbreak team, Evad3rs, which has produced Evasi0n, the jailbreak utilities for iOS 6 and iOS 7, have yet not been able to give us any report on the new jailbreak. They seldom speak at interviews regarding these matters until they have something substantial to share.


On the contrary, Chinese jailbreak team Pangu has been somewhat more outspoken about the matter. Pangu is the jailbreak team which had shown up out of the blue and produced jailbreak utilities for iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2. These jailbreaks were created when Evad3rs had dropped out the job in order to give more priority to iOS 8.

Pangu has confirmed that it will continue to give updated news regarding the creation of iOS 8 jailbreak. They had begun this work even when iOS 8 was still in its beta form and came out with a working jailbreak though it is yet to be seen whether this jailbreak will perform well on the full update of iOS 8.

Pangu has also stated that they are very close to creating the complete version of jailbreak utility for iOS 8, although they have still not been able to deliver an estimated date for its release. The team has cautioned users from accessing hoax sites for jailbreak.

Lately it has been noticed that some websites are trying to sell the jailbreak for iOS 8 for a cost of either $19.99 or $29.99. When you are charged a fee for downloading a jailbreak, you should immediately realize that it is a fake website. Nevertheless, you can stay on the safe side by downloading jailbreaks only from those sources which you can trust, for e.g. Pangu and Evad3rs.

The excitement for iOS 8 jailbreak is rising as it is expected to be really unique and outstanding. Jailbreak developers have been given a huge task with the new firmware combining an advanced software as well as an advanced hardware. The task is not restricted only to building jailbreak, but also for developing tweaks for Cydia. The new tweaks are expected to mind-blowing due to the inclusion of new features such as Apple Pay, Health app and NFC chip.

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  1. vegasphil says:

    Why is there a jailbreak with NO cydia ???? that stupid whats a jailbreak without it

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