iWatch is all Set to Release Along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L in September


iWatch is all Set to Release Along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L in September, With companies like Sony and Samsung already selling their different Smart Watches in market since quite long now, it is heard that Apple is also coming up with their first wearable smart watch at the end of this year. Rumours has it that, Apple will launch its new Smart Watch as iWatch along with the new iPhone6 and iPhone6L on much discussed September 9.


According to some reports Apple’s upcoming wearable is believed to have two different sensors both for Men And Women. The fact which is making the product more exciting is that with new iOS 8 Update of HealthKit and HomeKit the device will effectively track the behaviour and general health of the wearer deeply gender wise, for accurate results. It will not only bring accuracy in health predictions but will also be very helpful in case of emergency for Medical experts to extract users health track.

According to a report Apple’s Display partner LG is busy creating 1.3 inch and 1.5 inch QVGA AMOLEDs on plastic substrates on a large scale. If it is not for their own then it could be definitely for the Apple’s wearable. It seems that with AMOLED displays Apple is highly concentrating on the True View experience of the iWatch. Needless to say that AMOLEDs are also going to rule in favour of the Battery Life of the product. With other competitors of any Smart Watch not providing any commendable battery life to their products, Its going to be a very win-win game for Apple.

John Paczkowski of Re/Code, who is known as one of the most accurate iPhone announcement predictor till now has updated that this new wearable will also be a point of discussion in the much suspected apple iPhone 6 release on September 9th. If any of this is true than there is no doubt that iWatch will start to strap itself on the wrists of proud Apple owners till the end of this year. Are you planning to get one? Tell us in the comments how excited you are.

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