iOS 8 Jailbreak by Pangu – Update


iOS 8 Jailbreak by Pangu, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, the iOS 8, was released recently for upgrade on all the Apple devices that the software supports. Users have already begun updating their devices’ software with the iOS 8. After the release of the latest iOS, the next much anticipated software is the iOS 8 jailbreak utility. Currently there are two jailbreak teams, Pangu team and Evad3rs team, working on creating the jailbreak utility.

Evad3rs is the jailbreak team responsible for creating evasi0n 7 that enables a user to jailbreak those devices that run on iOS7. On the other hand, the Pangu jailbreak team is responsible for the release of a Chinese untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2 in the year 2014. Pangu team has managed to recompile their older version of jailbreak utility to create an updated version of the same for iOS 8 though they have still not been able to confirm whether it is a beta version. A complete test will be required to be done on the full version of iOS 8. Evadrs are also confident that they will be able to release the iOS 8 jailbreak utility very soon.

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Those Apple device users who have already upgraded their software to iOS 8 may not be satisfied with its performance as there seems to be some serious issues in its working. Apart from this, these users have also not yet gained the privilege to use a jailbreak utility with iOS 8. In this scenario, it would be advisable to downgrade your iOS to an older version, preferably iOS 7.1 so that you can enjoy the jailbreak facility. The Apple Company may stop signing this older version anytime in the near future after which the users will not be able to downgrade their version. Thus it is better to downgrade your devices’ version as soon as possible.

Since there are two reliable and efficient teams working on the iOS 8 jailbreak utility, the users can expect its release pretty soon.

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