How to install Paid Cydia Tweaks for Free


How to install Paid Cydia Tweaks for Free, Though many Apps on the jailbreak store are free, developers usually do put a little price tag on them sometimes to cover their time put in developing the app. Though Apps found on Cydia are not that expensive, ranging from $1 to $10, there are still those who never want to pay for them taking the alternative to pirate. Hackul0us lead this area of cracked apps but it disappeared no sooner had it appeared. Below are the five leading repositories that host pirated software.


Before downloading the apps from the sources below, the repo needs to be added.

  • Tap the Cydia icon and open it.
  •  select Sources
  • Select  Edit
  • select Add
  • Enter the URL  that is listed below with every source

The Following are the top Repos to download Premium Cydia Tweaks for Free

  1. – One of the well known site that contains pirated apps alongside a few genuine ones is Insanelyi. This hosts a number of apps and tweaks and themes that enables one to modify their iPhone or iPad. One of its well known App is AppSwitcher
  2. HackYouriPhone – http://repo.hackyouriphone.orgThis hosts a lot of themes that includes those that are compatible with Dreamboard. A number of cracked games and apps are also available. Their Popular Apps  are iSHSHit and AndroidLock
  3. SinfuliPhone – http://sinfuliphonerepo.comThis site is popular for different apps, themes and tweaks that are mostly cracked.  The popular Apps on this site are BiteSMS and MyWi
  4. Xsellize – http://cydia.xsellize.comThis repo is full of legal and pirated apps. They include some that are found in Cydia and other repos. Some of their Popular Apps are MyWi, AndroidLock and BiteSMS
  5. iHackStore – This also includes a number of both genuine and pirated apps some of which are very popular. One such Popular App is Aux

DISCLAIMER – Though these sources have been provided, we does not support piracy in any way. It must be noted that developers do spend time to bring these apps yet still charge very little for them. If you want to use Pirated softwares, it  should only be used for trial or Test Purpose only and We encourage you to buy and download genuine version of the tweak from its original Developers. Genuine Tweaks ensures safety, Privacy and proper security to your iOS device and you, whereas use of pirated software raises the possibility of getting viruses and other unwanted miscellaneous programs on their device.

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