Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak and iH8Sn0w’s Progress on 6.1.3


Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak and iH8Sn0w’s Progress on 6.1.3, You should know that evad3rs are still working on the iOS 7 Untethered jailbreak utility and the software, in case you were not aware about it. A work has been done on a range of clothing with logo of @evad3rs on it, beginning with the hoodies.



More than 2000 people liked the post on Twitter, but yet that will not jailbreak your iPhone. The people were requested to stay calm by the Evad3rs and they requested them to be patient and give them the required time to make certain that iOS 7 works properly and supports wide array of devices as possible. The iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air were two of the last devices that were needed for testing and both of them have already launched.

One should always acknowledge the fact that these people sacrifice their spare time to make these utilities for the people, free of cost. The setup of fake evad3rs jailbreak sites increased very highly in the last few weeks. Already a number of these site setups have been hit out by the Planetbeing and it is a reminder to be aware of the fake jailbreaks. If genuine updates are required then the best way is to follow them on Twitter and you should be careful that you should not be fooled by paying for something that is actually for free.

A bit of update has been given by iH8Sn0w on iOS 6.1.3/4 jailbreak, stating that they are hopeful about releasing it before 2014.  Many have been surprised by this jailbreak, as it was always made clear since the beginning that the iOS 7 jailbreak took precedent.   Winocm and iH8sn0w have merged to bring the jailbreak for 6.1.3/4 users as a substitute to improve the iOS 7 and waiting for that jailbreak.

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